Al Thuraya Holdings Acquires Al Thuraya Security under a single brand of Al Thuraya Consultancy

Al Thuraya Holdings, a major investment, acquisition and partnering holding in risk and strategy business merges its two major brands under one umbrella.

Effective from November 21st, 2018, Al Thuraya Security, provider of integrated security solutions, is becoming an inherent part of Al Thuraya Consultancy via an acquisition. Existing clients will not feel affected by this transfer, trade mark and as security solutions will continue to be provided as usual.

The decision taken by Al Thuraya Holdings is a result of the ongoing debates with customers and prospects about the market situation and its needs. While social risk has been the key driver of security solutions for the last two decades in Middle East, and North Africa (core region of Al Thuraya group of companies), several new factors are changing the environment the company operates in.

“We understand and solve social risk challenges where the majority of today’s conflicts evolve from unaddressed social tensions. Combining Al Thuraya Consultancy solutions and work in this field becomes a welcomed change as we have always been promoting the layered approach, building relations with local communities, strong intelligence-based decisions and preventive measures in contrast to usual approach of deterrence,” says Roberto Chiavon, Director of Corporate Security Services at Al Thuraya Consultancy.

“Today’s customers request different solutions than they did couple of years ago. From the rigid scenarios of standard security companies and their daily deterring approach, we now hear more requests towards solutions of low-profile risk mitigation solutions, relationship building and networking on the ground. Along with that, high capacity of immediate response is requested in case the volatile quietness erupts into a sudden crisis. These solutions mean market entry studies, cultural awareness trainings, medical and evacuation plans and execution,” names few of the rising demands Jeremiah Davis, Director of Consultancy, Al Thuraya Consultancy.

As he adds, today’s expatriate security, project and procurement managers grew in their environmental awareness to add a question of security to whatever decision they take. Thus, the demand for ground-experienced security consultants grows. As J.Davis points out, hunger for new solutions, such as predictive intelligence scenarios or cyber vulnerabilities assessments, is visible during the meetings with clients.

“Al Thuraya Consultancy has a history and the ability to support a customer as we are known for transforming complex, dynamic challenges into intuitive, living solutions, that support both the customer and the communities we support”, explains CEO of Al Thuraya Holdings, Michael Padilla-Pagan Payano. “By no means we can skip the basic physical security layer, but the time has come for companies to hear that risk mitigation spreads wide beyond a security guard sitting in front of their premise, as social risk has distinct impacts on various industries as so this is driving the need for customized solutions that integrate on a social risk dimensions”, he adds.

By the latest transformation, Al Thuraya Holdings also clearly states that entities with a name of Al Thuraya Security are in no business or ownership connection to Al Thuraya Holdings and are just brands of similar name, yet completely independent entities with no affiliation to Al Thuraya Holdings. All of the security and risk mitigation solutions by Al Thuraya Holdings will be, from now on, covered under the united brand of Al Thuraya Consultancy.

As part of the transaction, all intellectual properties, domain sites and customers former owner, has exited its stake as well as all assets have been acquired by Al Thuraya Consultancy and hence all offices are and have been rebranded as Al Thuraya Consultancy.

Al Thuraya Holdings is a holding company that gives resources, freedom, and focus to ambitious projects to make their ideas happen. Al Thuraya Holdings engages in the business of acquisition and operation in variety of companies.

Al Thuraya Holdings is making that future more productive, more secure and more sustainable. We create intelligent solutions, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation systems. At its core, that promise is about delivering innovation that make people’s lives – and the world – better.

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