ATG OCHO Energy a registered company in Cyprus, proud member of Al Thuraya Holdings, is pleased to announce its pivotal role in brokering a long-term new contract for Marine Works in Mexico.

ATG Ocho Energy along with our partners ISB Oshore and Maridive & Oil Services Co. has secured the hire of a marine vessel in Mexico for a total value of USD 27 million, including a primary service contract for USD 12 million and an additional services contract for USD 15 million. The contract includes the provision of several services including marine work, qualified personnel diving work, in addition to underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) services. Operations are expected to commence in May 2019 and span 18 months or up 42 months should the client extend the service contract.

Al Thuraya Holdings was formed in 2010 to combine best-in-class brands, assets and people within a global industry to provide various operational support services and leading risk management service. Promoting a culture of compliance and operational excellence, the Al Thuraya Holdings family of companies has grown since formation to include a global team of industry leaders, including Al Thuraya Consultancy, ICESERVE24, EventPro Media, Expat Compass, Blits, Al Madina, Intalquizit, Al Thuraya Academy. Today, Al Thuraya Holdings is the largest and most diverse provider of management services, offering turn-key solutions to address our clients’ most complex challenges wherever they are needed around the world.

ATG Ocho Energy, with Al Thuraya Holdings, will continue to pursue the Oil and Gas market and build upon our strong partnerships to bring continued success to turn-key projects across the globe.