Al Thuraya Consultancy has extensive experience across numerous sectors. Our diverse and collaborative teams bring a combination of deep industry knowledge, decades of combined risk management practice, and fresh ideas to deliver breakthrough business insights to your projects.


The service sector is expanding rapidly and the necessity for sales teams to travel into emerging markets bears a certain level of travel risk. This sector requires both long-term and ad-hoc travel missions to regions of little-known experience. Our teams across the developing markets are here to ensure ypur experts, service technicians, sales teams and VIPs receive expert security services from arrival to departure. We ensure your people can take care of business while we take care of everything else.


The energy industry is driven by ambitious individuals who are consistently striving to develop cutting-edge technology in all corners of the planet. Energy projects typically include large upfront capital expenditure and are often located in remote areas. From hydrocarbons to renewables, our team of experts have decades of combined experience working with firms of all sizes and in varied locations. We know what it takes to integrate formidable risk management solutions into your long-term energy operations.


Beyond physical safety in challenging environments, mining companies face a range of risks from increased government regulation to equipment procurement in remote areas. With decades of combined experience in supporting extraction, drilling and mining projects, Al Thuraya Consultancy understands the needs of international firms involved in large capital expenditure endeavors. We can provide logistics, procurement, advice, data analytics, commercial diplomacy, and other solutions for all your risk management needs.


We have a long-track record of assisting global development and humanitarian programs with overcoming the inherent challenges of operating in high-risk environments. Our experts, many of whom come from humanitarian backgrounds, draw on the depth of their local insight, experience, contacts and resources to secure and facilitate activities in austere locations. We emphasize promoting a cultural of awareness in our risk assessments and incorporate community engagement into every contingency plan.


Al Thuraya Consultancy has a established history of supporting the manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods industry, working closely with both global producers and regional logistics companies to ensure the protection of assets and personnel. Whether providing physical security for defense manufacturing teams or brand protection for consumer goods companies, Al Thuraya Consultancy is able to leverage the breadth of its global experience to ensure that clients can continue to operate in adverse conditions. 


As a proven partner to government clients worldwide, Al Thuraya delivers professional services to safeguard government missions overseas, whether diplomatic, commercial, or humanitarian-oriented. We provide a broad range of innovative support solutions for low-visibility or classified operations, including full-spectrum supply chain management, turnkey logistics and planning, fully integrated life support, intelligent security and training services. Our clients benefit from our ability and willingness to manage and execute in austere locations and conditions. 


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