Acquisition of Al Thuraya Academy to Al Thuraya Consultancy

Nicosia, Cyprus;  September 12, 2019 – Al Thuraya Academy, one of the longest-running and most successful security and risk management training companies in the Middle east, has announced Al Thuraya Consultancy Ltd, a global strategic advisory and risk management firm, will acquire the academy to accelerate access to technology education that will power the future in training in Risk Management. The partnership will prepare workforces of tomorrow by uniting Al Thuraya Academy’s mission to transform individuals, communities, and economies through access to education with Al Thuraya Consultancy’s goal of providing innovative and diverse learning services in the communities we work within to mitigate Social Risk. As a result, both companies will expand its skills-to-employment offerings to enrich lives and communities of the future.

As part of the acquisition, Al Thuraya Academy will maintain its operating model, purpose, values, and leadership but change it brand while offering its leading immersive programs in development, Corporate Security and Risk Management, localized Security guard trainings, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies.

About Al Thuraya Consultancy

Al Thuraya Consultancy was opened in 2006 by Michael J Padilla Pagan Payano who opted to devote is past military training to provide a different type of Risk Management solutions by leveraging the understanding of social risk and how it is the main driver to the current environment. Al Thuraya Consultancy, known as a global strategic advisory and risk management firm, supports businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations perform at their best while operating in the world’s most challenging environments. Our focus is on providing solutions that transform the way you approach working in emerging markets through expertise, industry knowledge, and country insights.

We Are Problem Solvers

At Al Thuraya Consultancy our goal is to deliver unmatched advisory services in strategy, risk mitigation, and operations management. We partner with companies, governments, and non-profits to enhance their operations by developing innovative solutions tailored to their individual requirements. Our unique ability to combine local knowledge with global best practices results in transformative outcomes necessary for a dynamic world.

Global Standards and Local Solutions

We understand the unique requirements that come with operating in dynamic and high-risk markets because we live and work where we operate. Our global team and local staff pride themselves on integrating client needs with country and region-specific factors to deliver optimal outcomes regardless of environment.