Acquisition of Blits Proof Group Limited by Al Thuraya Holdings

Al Thuraya Holdings, a major investment and acquisition holding is acquiring Blits Proof Group Limited, a Kenya-based security solutions provider.

Al Thuraya Holdings (ATH) is a privately-owned global investment firm specializing in developing a range of companies within the risk management, security, and operations space. ATH is committed to excellence, growth and value-added synergies through the combined strengths of subsidiaries and partners and has therefore acquired Kenya-based Blits Proof Group Limited.

For almost 4 years, Blits Proof Group Limited, has been providing dynamic security solutions to their clients in the Greater Horn of Africa / East Africa region, with their base being in Kenya. Their focus on quality, accountability, technology and officer training has led to exponential growth for more than three years. With a team of employees serving high-profile commercial, healthcare, residential, retail and educational clients, Blits Proof Group Limited will continue to operate as a sister company under the Al Thuraya Holdings brand.

“Our acquisition strategy is to unite with like-minded companies, such as Blits Proof Group Limited,” said Roberto Chiavon, Director of Corporate Security Services at Al Thuraya Consultancy. “This allows us to bring resources and capabilities to critical markets and improve our ability to service our clients.”

Like Blits Proof Group Limited, Al Thuraya Consultancy is directly involved in daily operations to support its clients. This approach, combined with best practices developed over nearly 12 years, allows ATH through its company Al Thuraya Consultancy to provide superior service and consistently exceed client expectations and expand operations. Al Thuraya Consultancy also has an office located in Uganda.

“We are excited to join the Al Thuraya Holdings family,” said Benedicts Bodo, CEO of Blits Proof Group Limited. “We will continue serving our clients with the core values that have made us successful in the past, only now as part of Al Thuraya Holdings family of companies, and we look forward to bringing added capabilities and operational resources to our clients.”

Blits Proof Group Limited will join Al Thuraya Consultancy Africa operations, led by Roberto Chiavon, Director of Corporate Security services and Jeremiah Davis, Director of Consultancy. “This is an exciting collaboration,” said Davis. “Applying our combined talent, resources, and domestic and global capabilities will lead to new opportunities for our clients and employees.”

Al Thuraya Holdings is a holding company that gives resources, freedom, and focus to ambitious projects to make their ideas happen. Al Thuraya Holdings engages in the business of acquisition and operation in variety of companies.

Al Thuraya Holdings is making that future more productive, more secure and more sustainable. We create intelligent solutions, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation systems. At its core, that promise is about delivering innovation that make people’s lives – and the world – better.

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