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Al Thuraya Consultancy helps our clients meet their global oil and gas supply chain requirements with a full range of logistics, transportation, security and operations management and strategy consulting services. We work with our clients through upstream exploration and production; midstream processing; storage and transportation; and downstream refining, distribution and retail activities. We support some of the world’s largest national and international oil and gas companies as well as junior companies in all areas of the world. Recent projects include operations in Turkey, Jordan, South Sudan, Egypt, Libya Jordan, Cyprus and Syria.


The advancement of today’s clean energy technologies continues to shape the future of renewable resources, distributed generation and environmental sustainability. From expert advice on market entry and risk consulting to logistics support and due diligence and investigative services, Al Thuraya Consultancy gives our clients the competitive edge by providing strategic risk management services to establish operational resilience and effectiveness, wherever their projects take them. In a recent project in Egypt, we provided an embedded security program manager to establish a safe and secure working environment was for local contractors and company personnel; an on-time, on-budget program delivery; and local community engagement to support an effective project transition to the end client.


In collaboration with Al Thuraya Consultancy and our oil and gas EPC company called ATG Ocho Energy Group we provide the EPC sector with sustainable solutions in support of their major programs and projects relating to critical national infrastructure, oil and gas, transportation and national security. This service offering includes security design and master planning, protective security, threat and risk analysis reporting and the provision of embedded security program management expertise across the, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Our experience with the EPC sector dates back over 10 years, supporting some of the largest engineering projects in Iraq, Egypt and Africa to ensure the long-term growth and development of emerging markets.