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As owners of our own NGO called Al Thuraya Assist as well as being a major partner of the development sector, we work extensively to enable and support programs globally in a highly cost-effective manner. Al Thuraya Consultancy draws on the depth of our local insight, experience, contacts and resources to secure and facilitate our clients’ essential operations in austere locations where host nation security forces and community-based security solutions cannot be relied upon. Our ongoing projects include the provision of secure accommodation and life support services, protective security, training and development and security risk management. In one recent example of our services, we evacuated over 160 clients from a conflict scenario in Yemen without incident or harm.

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Al Thuraya Consultancy assists global development and humanitarian assistance programs with overcoming the challenges inherent to operating in high-risk environments that often lack basic infrastructure and support. We aim to provide our clients with comprehensive, project-enabling protective services that secure the lives and ensure the welfare of aid recipients while also guaranteeing their on-going access to beneficiaries. We emphasize promoting a culture of awareness, risk assessments, early warning and real-time alerting, community stakeholder liaison, contingency planning and crisis management preparedness.


Al Thuraya Consultancy is a leading provider of services to the hospitality and leisure industry, with past experience of supporting some of the world’s best known hotel and events brands across Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Recent acts of terrorism from Turkey to West Africa have highlighted the enduring risk to the hospitality sector, as extremists seek to target prominent symbols of international trade. Working closely with management at all levels, Al Thuraya Consultancy develops tailored solutions to help address security challenges for our clients, ranging from the development of a global security standards and crisis management policies at executive level, to facilities audits and journey management solutions in support of personnel on site. Brand protection and quality assurance is of the utmost importance to Al Thuraya Consultancy, directly informing our discrete and professional approach to security provision in the hospitality sector.


As gateways of international trade and transportation, nations survive and compete in the globalized economy via their airports. In post-conflict environments, these entities are high-impact targets for attack, putting the security of personnel and resources at greater risk. Al Thuraya Consultancy aviation security, protective services, technical systems and workforce management and training solutions protect international airports and support the safe movement of personnel, foreign trade and economic development. We help clients balance the implementation of adequate safety and security requirements with the needs of the travelling public, transport providers, on-site workforces and the costs of implementing the required infrastructure. The scale of our company combined with our knowledge, experience and capability make us the strategic partner of choice for many in the aviation industry. A recent project in North Africa helped strengthen the technical skills and capacity of 1,000 personnel to international aviation security standards.